I was commissioned to redesign #1-3A Method Driving School's logo as part of an ongoing site overhaul.

After several revisions, the final version of this logo combines rendered 3D elements with traditional two-dimensional graphic design. We wanted to find a design that was legible at small scales (like when attached to the header of an email) but could still impress when viewed full-size on the business' front page. To this end, I designed the key visual elements with smooth gradients for visual appeal that doesn't become over-crowded at small scales.

It was important that this logo make the company look cool. I designed a car reminiscent of classic American muscle, but with sleeker curves to suggest some modernity. We don't want to get customers excited about breaking the rules of the road, but some curb appeal has never been bad for business.

By the way... since my web server is a little slow, you're looking at a compressed version of the image. If you're willing to sit through a few seconds' loading, check out the full-quality version instead.

Under heavy construction.