This digital twin is all that remains of the Braincave headquarters, which closed in early 2023. It was our first major project, although what you see here is a second revision. I built the first version exclusively using Blender, and all texture work was done in Photoshop. Revisiting this space was my first experience with Adobe (née Allegorithmic) Substance Suite, and it was a total game-changer. Some geometry was also updated using Maya.

This space was intended to serve as our all-in-one product pitch. Each room would show off a different capability of our framework. I built the conference room to show a video on the projector. I set up one office with clickable furniture that tied into our database widget. The neighbouring room had a server hardware configuration demo; in another, the entire office was duplicated in miniature as a "dollhouse" view. The room in the back could be switched out for an alternate mesh, showing our photogrammetry capabilities. And, of course, a few rooms were just there to look pretty.

With the exception of a few images from Unsplash on the hallway TVs, and the posters designed by our in-house media director, everything you see here is my work.

This space can be explored in 3D or VR via the BraincaveXR web portal. (Chrome recommended)

Under heavy construction.