My team was commissioned by the Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. to build an online demo for the one-year anniversary of their 'ROOT' location. Right in the heart of downtown Frederick, this beautiful building was my second major project on the Braincave team. I hadn't started using Substance Painter yet, and it shows in this environment's plain materials and repetitive textures. Despite this, it's still a quite good snapshot of the real-life space's ambience.

Lessons learned on this project, like in-engine reflective floors, transparency sorting, and efficient scene partitioning, formed the cornerstone of my approach to building other spaces. It was an invaluable experience, and the result is something I can still be proud of four years later.

I encourage you to explore this scene in 3D or VR via BraincaveXR using your Meta Quest headset or desktop computer. (Chrome recommended)

Under heavy construction.