Miscellaneous spaces built for smaller demos.

It was important to show range, both for me as an artist and for Braincave as a company in search of clients. To that end, whenever we were between projects I would knock out something experimental to keep in our back pocket. Sometimes this turned out lucky for us - for example, when we built the Frederick Visitor Center, we were able to attach the small movie theater I'd already made and play some short documentaries in VR.

The blue and yellow conference room is a personal favorite. Its small scale meant that I could give every inch of the space full attention, plus it was lightweight enough that we could run it with full-4K textures in the Oculus Quest 2 without any performance hitches. We still toned the resolution down a litte... load times were not great.

These spaces can be explored in 3D or VR via the BraincaveXR web portal. (Chrome recommended)

Under heavy construction.